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New Prince Music May Soon Be Released, Says Artists’s Estate Adviser

The estate of Prince is expected to release new music two years after his death.

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Google Music abre en Estados Unidos

Google lanza su servicio de música en Estados Unidos para competir con las ofertas de iTunes y Amazon. Los usuarios podrán comprar las canciones a través de un ordenador o móvil Android y las podrán compartir, una vez cada canción, con sus amigos en Google +.

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Pirate My Music (Pranks)

Music Video here:
New Channel here:

RossCreations album available for download on new channel!
Also on spotify.


Agustin Brown
Alec Armbruster (
Justin Gable
Billy Quevedo
Jacob Arfons
Blake Sliker
Anna Davis
Luke Davis

Pirate Crew:

Morgan Dufour
Billy Quevedo
Wilmy Moise
Gage Lechner
Victor Davis
Justin Gable
Christian Lykiardopoulous
DJ Khaled


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Enjoying the sun & free music

Enjoying the sun & free music

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Best Copyright free music: Website review by Swerve™

Epidemic Sound (Copyright free music)

In this video i’ll be showing you a really great source for free non copyright songs.



Free 10 day Trial:


Don’t forget to check out my music providers:
Trap Nation:
Gaz Music:

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© Swerve 2015

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Gospel Music Concert – 04

Posted by St Thomas Gospel Choir on 2010-05-20 14:54:20

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theKey Wins the GA Lottery All Access Music Search

Watch theKey’s performance and presentation as the winner of the Rock category of the GA Lottery’s All Access Music Search. Thanks so much for your support!

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iCD_125 緊褲襠《isLand 孤單島嶼》專輯冊

iCD_125 緊褲襠《isLand 孤單島嶼》iCD專輯官方下載:http://www.iwant-music.com/cd.php?re_id=152


孤單島嶼並非純粹孤單,也絕非被迫孤單,而在人生不斷移動的旅程中,或許我們就得注定孤單吧。在歌曲從收音機/流出的冬季午後,我適合獨自一人/抽一根菸,在親手製作的孤單島嶼/打開收音機,在親手製作的孤單島嶼/踏過那孤寂,去年年中,我們到1976剛開沒多久的re: public,和大麻敲定錄音。途中卻不知為什麼錄到褲襠鬆了,一直到年底,朋友送來四件新褲子,才終於告一段落。

花半年搞4首歌,錄音室變得像是自家廚房,大麻老師哼著孤單島嶼的旋律,一路從夏天哼到冬天,這也算是一件相當莞爾的事。於是,從2年前就誓言要讓「對社會難以釋懷的絕望少年少女拋下煩惱,返回純真回歸慾望,以野性發洩對社會秩序(ㄎㄨˋ ㄉㄤ ㄊㄞˋ ㄐㄧㄣˇ)的不滿」,一向保持低姿態的我們,終於要噴了。


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How to add Lyrics in Oppo F1s Music Player

How to add Lyrics in Oppo F1s Music Player and in any Android Phones.

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New Music Belgian Hifi Show 2012

@ Dolce La Hulpe Brussels

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