The Real Difference Between ITunes Match And ICloud Music Library (4)

My MusicI sympathize, and I’m very glad this particular person had a backup of their music, but I need to dispel some FUD here: Apple Music has definite issues and its matching algorithms aren’t great, however this is simply not how the service works. You can flip Cloud library on and off, however as soon as it’s off you’ll must get music onto it once more by way of iTunes.

I’d be onerous-pressed to choose between shedding all of my music information and losing the 13 years’ worth of iTunes metadata I’ve built up.

I wish to have ‘My Music’ that i’ve at all times had, and music that i stream (or add to my library) from Apple Music separated or at the very least labelled clearly so i do know.

I start my iTunes and it factors to random information or no matter that library file is. I point to the correct location, but it’s like it never hundreds.

You can rapidly bounce between categories and sections of your library by tapping on the big text buttons on the prime of the screen, or scroll all the way down to view music lately added to your account.

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