The Weird, Wonderful World Of British Christmas Music

Christmas MusicThe family of Williamsburg’s silversmith James Geddy Jr.—portrayed by Suzanna Winder, Caroline Hollis, Frances Burroughs, Terry Yemm, Amy Player, and Grace MacArthur—joins in Christmas song around a parlor spinet. GRANT: The songs that I’ve written come from such particular experiences in my life, and to me the wonderful thing—it is complete strangers singing them at Christmas pageants, and I’m going wow, music is definitely bigger than the individuals who write it.

The lyrics have induced some controversy (does the female companion really need to keep or is she being held towards her will?) and this model gives little enlightenment, but by replacing the female half with a choir Dean gets himself out of some probably scorching water.

Today it retains a towering presence within the Christmas canon, as synonymous with the vacation as tinsel and paper crowns.

They’re not here, for two causes: first, this website is for Christmas carols, and people are Christmas songs; second, these songs are nonetheless protected by copyright.

If you possibly can’t be bothered to listen and discover out, it seems that singing carols, decorating the tree and, in fact, being along with his child is what Christmas means to Stevie.

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