Top 4 Best Soprano Ukuleles and Why They Are the Best for Beginners

You should be grateful for the islands of Hawaii. Why, in addition to their appetizing food and their breathtaking sceneries, they stopped at nothing to present the most harmonious instrument of all time, the Ukulele. The Uke is categorized into 4 main categories based on size; soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. The Soprano ukulele is the smallest and lightest in the group, and also the most recommended for newbie artists. It has 12-16 frets and is mostly 21” inches long.  The width and the depth of the lower body are 6 3/8 and 2 5/16 consecutively. There as soprano uke’s that sell for as cheap as $20, but these are mostly poor quality because there are good quality soprano ukes that retail at about 50$. Before buying your first ukulele you should read uke advance player review here Ukulele Experts revealed some Best ukuleles for beginners.

The Best Brands for the Soprano Ukulele

Although the general feeling is that the Soprano is the most authentic sounding uke and the best for beginners, not all soprano ukuleles are good quality. Yet sometimes even the cheapest soprano Uke will sound way better than an expensive one. So it’s not really about the price as much as it is about the brand. The best soprano ukulele should have high ratings in quality of the material, playability, price, ease of maintenance and durability. So if we stick strictly to the term ‘best’, here are the top recommended soprano ukuleles.

  • Kala KA-S Soprano Mahogany Ukulele

The Kala-S Soprano Mahogany Ukulele is a favorite to many. It’s simple, yet intricately classy and very expensive looking. The finishing is also of mahogany, which makes it have a sharp intonation. The Kala brand is famous for its durable and quality products. This Kala model features one of the best Ukulele tuners, a special chrome die-cast tuner that keeps you in check all the time.  It also has easy-to-restring Aquila strings.

The Kala Ka is figure-8 in shape, which is extremely easy to hold. The frets are so close to each other, which some experts find challenging to work with. Overall, the design of this soprano ukulele is a clear indication that the manufacturer was only aiming at a unit that produces an attractive heartwarming tone, yet easy to play.

  • Cordoba 25K Soprano Ukulele

The Cordoba is also another famous brand, which attracts instrumentalists because of the completely handmade designs. This unit features acacia on the side, top and back, although the neck is composed of mahogany. It has herringbone pattern tie block and a rosewood bridge. The durability of this unit is further enhanced by the satin finish.

With only 16 frets, 13.5” scale length and the special gold tuners with pearl buttons; this is a favorite unit for both beginners and intermediates. It is extremely easy to tune and doesn’t carelessly run out of tune. Playing on the Aquila nylgut strings also provides for the attractive unique sounds.

  • The Fender Soprano Ukulele

The Fender “Piha’eu” or tiny in the Hawaiian language is a small but expensive looking ukulele. It has a bright appearance that’s brought about by the mahogany body and soundboard bracing. It also has Aquila strings and open gear chrome tuners.

This is the best soprano ukulele because it’s highly playable. Its scale length is 13.66” and the Aquila nylgut soprano C strings are easy on the fingers. This soprano ukulele is famous among beginners’ and also intermediates because of the quality of music it produces.

  • The Hola! HM-21 Soprano Ukulele

The Hola HM-21 is also a beginner’s soprano choice. It’s designed for a reliable compact wood that comes in multiple colors. It has silver geared machine heads that maintain the strings tightness and ease the tuning process. The total number of frets in this unit is 12. Both the body and neck are made of maple wood which not only provides a rich sound but is also quite durable. The fretboard and rosewood bridge in this unit also give it a professional appearance.

By all means, this is the best soprano ukulele for any beginner and even for intermediates. It is easy to learn and aesthetically fulfilling to hold.


Getting the best soprano ukulele to start off with or even as an upgrade is an honorary feeling. The soprano ukulele brands that have been highlighted are some of the best ukulele brands that anyone can ever choose.