Top 5 Websites To Download Free Chinese Music

Top 5 Websites To Download Free Chinese Music
1. Baidu music:
2. QQ music:
3. Kuwo music:
4. Kugou music:
5. Duomi music:
Chinese VPN provider recommended: FlyVPN

Chinese VPN trial account and password:
For paid VPN verision: ( $10 for shared IP plan)

Whatever you want to listen music for free online or download music for free. Those 5 websites are very helpful. But only Chinese IP address allow to download and access some contents. So if you are living outside of China, you have to connect to mainland China VPN to get Chinese IP address to listen and download music for free.

Translate Some Chinese characters into English:
下载 – Download
下载客户端 – Download Client
下载设置- you can choose the storage place here


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