Top 50 Country Christmas Songs (2)

Christmas MusicAmerica and Britain: two countries whose superficial similarities (a standard language, shared democratic beliefs, a passion for roasted meats) mask some pretty basic variations. In the last years of her life we have been capable of get her into my home for a couple of hours at Christmas time and she tremendously admired the dozens and dozens of Christmas cards our household acquired through our annual Christmas card change.

With an injection of sass and unabashed materialism, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle turned a cosy old vacation favourite into a bumping R&B Christmas carol for our occasions.

French Christmas features a recipe for French Kir Royale, a classic French apéritif often served through the winter holidays.

The Christmas music that at all times appears to resurface on your native 24/7 Christmas Music radio station about two weeks into the non-stop Christmas music calendar, Alvin, Simon and Theodore (often known as a sped-up tape) sing to you concerning the glories of the hula hoop because, properly, Chipmunks.

Frank Sinatra’s Christmas recordings are a staple of just about every Italian-American residence this time of 12 months.

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