UPWARD Studios – Leading the Field for Recording Studios in Melbourne

UPWARD studios is one of the most acclaimed recording studios Melbourne. Its creative mastermind, Robert Upward is renowned, award-winning producer, composer, and performer. The studio offers a wide array of top quality services in the field of sound production, sound design, songwriting, marketing, film & television and record producing. The recording studio’s presence has been persistent and overwhelming in Australia’s mass media, with the production of numerous Australian Top 10 chart tracks with an array of successful artists. Other notable successes include the writing and production of songs for artists in The Voice and X-Factor as well as the songs for the popular Australian television series Neighbors and Home and Away.

Robert Upward and UPWARD studios have a diverse client portfolio, built through decades of hard work, expertise and consistently delivering highest quality products, according to the latest industry and production standards. Robert Upwards is also a long time standing juror on the AACTA Awards judging panel which speaks for itself, when it comes to the level of quality. Being an acclaimed songwriter, Robert Upward has worked with many singers from around the globe in creating a string of successful hit songs. The recording studio is equipped with the most advanced equipment, technologies, facilities, and professionals – who alongside Robert Upward, bring their expertise into meeting their clients’ demands.

UPWARD recording studios have extensive, decades-long expertise in the art of vocal recording and record producing. Their collaborations with some popular artists in many different genres have been consistently aired on Australian radio stations. Some of the popular singers include Yöulk, Shelley Segal, Elise Kausman, Slinkee Minx, Emaar and many others.

Being the masters of the craft – Robert and the UPWARD team offer precise guidance and coaching to aspiring singers so that they can achieve their fullest potential and best performance. Moreover, when producing records, UPWARD’s main goal is to capture the song’s intended emotional impact and the true essence of the singer’s voice.

UPWARD’s team of creative lyrical minds meet the demands of many acclaimed artists worldwide. With a substantial portfolio of successful song hits, the recording studio offers commission, collaboration, and mentorship to artists from any musical genre.

The plethora of successful collaborations with world-renowned names like Lisa Elle, Groove Armada, Andy Cato, Jan Johnston as well as BT, Paul Oakenfold and Petra Marklun only shows the world-class quality UPWARD studio offers when it comes to Songwriting. Robert Upward and the team also devote a significant amount of time in developing young, prospective musical and singing talents – through careful consideration, assessment and a tailored mentorship approach. Robert Upward is a highly acclaimed songwriter with high achievements in many competitions including the International Song Competition and 8th Annual Independent Music Awards. He has also written the songs of the popular soap series ‘Home and Away’.

As a medium, music has a tremendous power to enhance and impact the mood and emotions in TV or film. Oftentimes it produces far more of an emotional reaction than what’s visually presented on the screen. As such, the production of a successful TV or Film project involves cutting edge, emotionally charged soundscapes in order to tell a complete story and offer a truly immersive experience. The production of TV and Film scores is a multimedia undertaking which requires a deep understanding of the human nature to deliver the best results.

UPWARD Studios truly shines in the field of creating and producing original soundtracks to enhance the cinematic experience. UPWARD’s composers are guided by the pace, emotions and the nature of the story to create tailored, contemporary and impactful scores to match. The recording studio offers the composing of music scores for different film genres, giving the project that extra edge. UPWARD works closely with directors and producers in an effort to bring their exact vision to reality.

Robert Upward and his team have worked on several film and TV projects, ‘Molly Meldrum – The Real Thing’, ‘Centre Place’, ‘Fatal Honeymoon’, ‘Our Little Secret’, ‘Cactus Garden’, ‘Vortex’, as well as the AACTA nominated documentary ‘Immigration Nation’ and ‘Docklands’.

Music connects the customers to television advertisements on a deep, fundamental, emotional level and UPWARD Studio’s numerous awards and acknowledgments attest to their deep understanding of the craft. Their songs follow the ad’s emotion, tone, and narrative to perfection, thus creating a complete, engaging and memorable audio-visual experience. The studio also works with artists and jingle creators from around the world in creating tailored musical compositions according to the client’s needs and preferences.

They have composed and produced music for countless marketing campaigns for many companies and associations including those for Habitus, Big 4 Caravans, Sushi Sushi, AACTA Awards, L’Oreal, Toyota, AFI Awards, Springfree, Swiss Vitamins and others.

UPWARD Studios has an enviable portfolio of awards when it comes to advertising: Grand Prix at Golden Stylus Awards for Best Sound, MADC Award for sound engineering as well as a 4-time winner of the Best Sound Design in Sound Engineering Australian Writers and Art Directors Awards.

The art of voiceover involves a lot more than just speaking to a microphone. The voiceover can become the soul of your brand, a recognizable trademark – from TV to Radio as well as the Internet. With such an extensive reach potential it is only natural that you choose only the very best when it comes to Voiceover and Sound Design

The professionals at UPWARD Studios are masters when it comes to recording voiceovers or sound design project. Decades of experience are concentrated within the studio to deliver the highest quality broadcasts and voiceovers. They say that “having a good script and an idea is the start of the process” – meaning that their team of highly qualified sound engineers will transform it into a complete, industry standard product.

Whether you are a young singer with a dream and a vision, or a world-class corporation in need of a high-quality score for your advertising campaign and voice over – or a filmmaker who wants to truly enhance their cinematographic masterpiece, UPWARD recording studio offers the top quality services, tailored to your needs. World-acclaimed professionals will work with you and offer their expertise, in truly bringing out the emotional intent and impact of your project.

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