Valentine’s Day – Proposing Qualities

All of us rejoice Valentine’s Day with excellent enthusiasm every single calendar year on February 14th. This is the greatest working day to express your thoughts, as it is stated that your beloved cannot say NO on this working day. Fans share their thoughts and exchange presents and flowers. But do you know the record connected to this pageant of lovers? Allow us consider you to the time when it all begun.

There was a priest in a church close to Rome in the calendar year 270 A.D. named St. Valentine. At that time, Rome was dominated by Emperor Claudius II. During his tenure, the economy of trade was falling terribly. There were numerous wars thanks to absence of helpful administration. Learning and trade declined whilst taxation amplified. The Empire had virtually occur to an end. As it was a large Empire, extra soldiers were necessary to safeguard it from enemy nations.

Claudius thought that matrimony will bind the soldiers emotionally to their family members thanks to which they would not be ready to give their greatest to their get the job done. As a result, he banned relationship to get top quality get the job done from the soldiers.

Observing the plight of younger lovers, the Bishop- Valentine achieved them in a top secret put and entered them into an establishment named Matrimony. When Claudius came to find out about this Pal of Fans, he requested demise sentence for Valentine.

Thus, Valentine was executed on February 14, 270. It is considered that Valentine himself sent the initially valentine card to his lover- a woman with whom he fell in enjoy when he was in prison. It is not only the circumstance with lovers in Rome but also in India. We have various illustrations of these kinds of lovers who sacrificed their life for the sake of their enjoy- like Heer- Ranjha, Laila-Majnu, Shiri-Farhad etcetera.

Enjoy will survive in the globe as lengthy as there is any indicator of everyday living. And February 14th is the symbol of undying enjoy. Right here is a piece on this undying enjoy penned by Barry Taylor:

Although our enjoy is around, it continues to be

An unfrequented back garden in my coronary heart,

Its magnificence very inseparable from discomfort,

A wilderness in which at the time was willful artwork.

I hope a tiny piece of you is even now

Reserved for me, a put you may not go,

But in which my space, untenanted, can fill

A moment with my music, sweet and slow.

There are no wishes like a former lover’s

That from the darkish, repentant evening must shine.

And so though we have the two moved on to other folks,

I ship you from afar this Valentine.

Allow us now have a look at what astrology has to say about the proposing skills of all solar indicators.


Arians would be the initially one to propose their companions. They are so impatient and tempted that at the time they get beneficial signal from someone, they just cannot maintain again their wish to propose. They will enthusiastically existing their enjoy in entrance of the associate.


Taureans are speedily attracted but they consider sufficient time to believe around a distinct matter and then only propose. They will test to see pros and disadvantages of a connection in advance of having into it. They would enjoy to express on their own verbally in its place of sending a concept or letter.


Geminians have the ability to propose to extra than one individual within a given timeframe. They will express their enjoy via a interaction medium, by means of electronic mail or SMS. Not only this, but they may also gift a book to the cherished one to express their thoughts and you may find a piece of paper or a modest greeting card in their publications.

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Most sentimental Cancerians would not be ready to disguise their thoughts for for a longer time time. They will express the two their emotional have to have and attachment to the associate incredibly speedily at the time they find that the moment is proper. Actually, there is a dread of shedding deep within. As a result, they may not choose to wait around for for a longer time.


Leos would not be the one to propose, usually. If at all they do, they will initially of all make their associate come to feel that they are incredibly unique for them. When displaying their enjoy, they will also place it throughout incredibly strongly that they have in no way at any time felt so connected to everyone in advance of.


Virgos will plan properly in advance of proposing. They will not consider any selection in haste relating to enjoy. They consider time in analyzing the individual. When they are entirely persuaded, they will rehearse at residence, how to propose. When the script is all set, they will mug up the overall script and last but not least existing it as it is when proposing.


Scales are usually very well balanced by mother nature but when it comes to enjoy, they are bit extra sentimental. They can propose anyplace and at any time, as they are not even worried of anything at all. If in a group, they will test to express their thoughts straight or indirectly in entrance of the individual they enjoy. Alternatively, they may consider the associate to a community put and propose.


Scorpions will shell out lengthy times of solitude in advance of proposing. They will consider a good deal of time in advance of proposing even though they have the courage to do so. They may propose in some lonesome times, ideally at evening.


Archers are substantially `targeted’ lovers. They will initially of all test to review the individual. When they know that this is the greatest issue the beloved would like, they will propose in these kinds of a very good way that the wife or husband is melted. They may consider their associate for a travel and express their thoughts.


Capricornians have to have to be certain and persuaded in advance of proposing. They will believe about all beneficial and adverse aspects of a connection. When they are persuaded, they may consider their beloved to an ethereal and open up atmosphere for expressing their thoughts incredibly lovingly.


H2o Bearers are the ones who will test to make good friends with the individual they enjoy. Little by little and gradually, they test to get closer to the person’s coronary heart. When they are persuaded about the depth of their have thoughts and mate’s firmness, they will ship a concept via a friend or even propose when the good friends are all around.


Pisceans may have to have a good deal of time to make your mind up how particularly to place their thoughts throughout. A single wonderful moment, almost certainly closer to new moon or complete moon working day, they may suddenly question their wife or husband straight absent “Hey, I enjoy you. Do you enjoy me as well?”