What Is Gospel Music? (3)

Gospel MusicGospel Music Showcase, Daystar’s authentic southern gospel music program, returns for its seventh season better than ever. In 1936, as community gospel music approached its peak recognition, singers from a number of southern states gathered at the behest of songbook publishers to stage the primary national gospel-singing convention in Birmingham, Alabama.

Please pray for the continued success of this competition and make plans to be with us next yr on the 5th, sixth and 7th of January, 2017 for our twenty second Annual Rockport Gospel Music Festival.

Through it, we perceive the story they tell and witness some of the influences and results of the historical past Darden explores that stay on in gospel music in the present day.

See T. Heilbut, The Gospel Sound: Good News and Bad Time (1971); L. Gentry, A History and Encyclopedia of Country and Western and Gospel Music (1961, repr.

Originally conceived by American slaves as a synthesis of African tribal rhythms and the Christianity of their captors, gospel music has lengthy stirred souls — and social movements — all over the world.

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