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Choosing a Self Serve Car Wash

Being able to successfully start up and manage your own self serve car wash is a great achievement in itself as well as an amazing investment. But keep in mind that no business involved only fun, there are a few elements that potential owners need to keep in mind in order to operate the self serve car wash effectively.

Where should I establish the self serve car wash?

Location is key for just about any kind of business to start booming, not even you would like to drive for miles for something that you can buy from a closer location. If you establish a car wash a middle of who know where, then you can say good bye to high traffic or absolutely any kind of decent traffic. Usually, the peak of traffic that’s good for self serve car wash is located in residential areas, preferably near any retail centres. Not to be too picky, demanding or anything but if you can find a location on a corner then immediately go for it; the corner can be accessible from all sides. The said streets where the self serve car wash is located should have only a 30-35 mile an hour limit.
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Locations are prone to change, so do a thorough investigation on any obvious changes that might happen in the area. Some of the changes that you should look out for are changes in overall flow of traffic, zoning laws and ordinances as well as highly possible construction projects that great affect traffic.
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Look for a location than can fully accommodate the size and dimension of your dream self serve car wash; also make sure that vehicles can safely wait in line. It’s obvious that numerous city and local ordinances apply to your establishment and you should always try to keep your distance from industrial areas.

When equipment is concerned, what exactly do I need to buy?

One of the most important elements in a self serve car wash is the car wash system, but not just any kind of car wash system since you need a low maintenance and high reliability kind; do all the required ways to cut unnecessary cost in order to make higher profits. Absolutely no one like a self serve car wash that regularly breaks down; imagine what the break down, fixing and reopening would cost you in the long run. Imagine going to a self serve car wash, wait patiently in line, pay and notice that your vehicle isn’t even thoroughly clean, would you return? When looking for the perfect self serve car wash system for you, choose the one that’s extremely reliable and can thoroughly clean vehicles without a hitch.

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