Will Apple Music Complete ITunes’ Destruction Of My Will To Collect Music? (4)

My MusicAlongside an extended record of recent options on iOS 10 comes a redesigned Music app. Amber relayed to me that she’s had to undergo through many calls from individuals who cancelled their Apple Music subscription after the free, three-month trial, only to discover that every one of their own music files had been deleted and there was no solution to get them back.

You’d have to exchange your complete media library to change to a different OS. For a lot of users, this means Apple mainly owns them.

Haven’t discovered any main issues like this however I have been confused by the Chinese wall between Apple Music and My Music.

I’m going to hearken to what’s left of my music library, and try to determine all the songs I actually have to purchase once more.

Either approach, not good publicity for Apple Music or constructing any confidence in one of the principal features of the service.

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