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Even if you don’t have a clue about creating music, this video is for you. Today I will share wish you tips on how you can start creating and selling your music online. Let’s go!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, it’s me, Alex July. Today yet another amazing way to make money online. To motivate you a little bit, and to prove that this video is not yet another bullshit, let me share with you this symphony, this beautiful creation of human being. Listen carefully! Did you hear that? Once more. You know what it is?
A mouse click.
What if I told you that the creator of a similar sound effect made $840 by selling this sound effect?
You need proofs? Let’s to, search for “mouse click”, sort by best sellers, and you’ll find this item. It is available for buying now. $1, 840 total sales.
Use your brain to multiply 1 times 840, and you will see that he made $840.
You can do your own research and search for “keyboard typing”, “farting” and other effects, and you will see that people are making way-way more by selling their sound effects.
But the real fun starts when you can create music. And here is my story on how I have been making money online by creating and selling my music.
When I was a kid I used to go to the music school. I play the accordion, actually it’s not the accordion, we call it the bayan. Let’s listen a little bit.
How cool I am.
And this is me playing the piano.
Aren’t I great?
Ok, three years ago I though why not make money using my talent? I did a research and realized that there a lot of different websites where you can sell your tracks, but the most popular is We’ve been talking about it a few minutes ago.
I found this guy, his name is Tim McMorris, now he is selling 62 items, he has more than 56 thousand sales. You can do the math, and you will see that he has already made one million dollars using AuidoJungle (there are a lot of other websites, as you understand).
There were, and there are tens and hundreds of other sellers doing pretty good.
I created a soundtrouck, “Sad piano”. I uploaded it, but it got rejected. I created another soundtrack “French accordion”. For this purpose I’ve been using my Korg PA-50. It got rejected. I got smarter. I realized that people were using special software. I downloaded FL studio, and created another soundtrack using this software. It got rejected.
I decided to learn from other people. I joined a few groups on VK. is the most popular social media in Russian speaking Internet. Like Facebook in your country.
And I learned from other people.
And here are some tips. First off, let’s talk about creating, and then about promotion.
1) Yes, it is possible to sell your music online, and yes, there are thousands of people doing that.
2) Yes, it’s possible to sell sound effects like clicking, farting and so on. Let’s talk about that at the end.
3) The most popular tracks relate to corporate category – inspiration, motivation, success. Something like this. Turn on your mind. Why do people buy music? They need it for commercial use.
This is me playing the accordion. Can this music be used for commercial use? Let’s try!
Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to invest in the stock market, here we are. We’re offering the best services on the market.
And what about this:
Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to invest in the stock market, here we are. We’re offering the best services on the market.
Music helps to sell, music helps to promote.
Your music must create emotions – either inspiration, or the wish to dream, to fly, to buy, to sign up.
4) Seasonal music tracks. Before New Year’s day sell music related to New Year’s day. Before Christmas sell music related to Christmas.

And now let’s talk about creation. In order to create audio tracks use special software like FL Studio. Do you need to have special music background? Yes, you do! But you don’t need to be a professional composer. The friend of mine makes about $1.000 dollars a month, and he has less understanding in music than me. And my background is the music school.

What is my experience, how much money did I make? I created the fifth track, it was pretty good, I uploaded it. It got accepted, I started to wait. But there were no sales. Till today.

Why? Because I understood the fundamental issue. It doesn’t matter how cool your music is. The success is about promoting your music outside of AudioJungle. You have to promote your tracks using your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your blog.

No promotion – no sales.

Selling music is about being popular.


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