Learn to sing music notes (Easier version)

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This is a lighter version of the “Learn to sing music notes in 5 minutes” video. We cut off the accidentals and this time we give you the chance to practice the melodic cells before starting to sing the song which, by the way, it has been simplified.
This is a song specially composed for this practice song (with no lyrics). By singing along at least once a day you will learn to associate notes and motion with sounds.
The song is composed of almost 100% conjunct movement although you will encounter some 4ths and 5ths along the way.
Conjunct movement makes it easier to pass from one note to the other allowing you to learn to read notes in a smooth way. If you don’t quite recognise all the notes perhaps you should see this music sheet as a graph that indicates when the sound goes up or down.
Enjoy it.


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