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Having a great song is one thing but knowing how to promote it properly is another! When you have a great song and it’s time to make the jump from studio to radio, picking the right radio promotion company is key to the success of breaking a song. deliver new music to over 30,000 radio station contacts worldwide. They provide an unparalleled level of promotion not just throughout the USA but worldwide. They are the inventors of and the only radio promotion company that creates fully interactive bespoke Musician’s Profiles for their artists so radio contacts can easily and quickly download new releases for broadcast, click straight through to watch music videos on YouTube, read full biographies, visit artist’s social media and make contact for interview requests.


They have a stringent vetting process and only work radio friendly songs of the highest quality, that’s why they can guarantee radio airplay and radio interviews as well for their artists.

If you have a great song and want to give it the best chance of success radio pluggers are a cut above the rest. Having been awarded best radio promotion company for the last 2 years running.

They also provide distribution to the top stores and streaming sites. Full chart registration in the USA UK Canada Ireland and Australia. Additional services also include YouTube music video promotion and Spotify playlist placements as well.


Their clients include the likes of Macy Gray, Paul Carrack, Sean Kingston, Sony Music, D12, Shontelle, Panjabi MC, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Mobb Deep and more.


They create full-page press releases for every six-week radio campaign they work on that are published and featured on over 240 Radio, TV and News affiliates of ABC, NBC, Google News, USA Today, FOX and more.


So if you are looking to break a record in the USA or further afield radio pluggers are without doubt the best choice when it comes to radio promotion to ensure the best chances of success for your release.


They have all bases covered from Radio to Press, Spotify to YouTube and Chart registration to distribution simply put a one stop shop for music promotion.


Their main emphasis in on quality their Spotify promotion service only presents music to influencers who have playlists that Organically Rank in the Spotify Search Engine for validated keywords. Playlists that do not rank in the Spotify Search Engine could have bot activity, low-quality overseas traffic, or other types of risky and unethical practices that could negatively affect your campaign. If a Spotify Playlist can’t be “discovered” by an average user, then it is not possible to validate that the traffic is high-quality and beneficial. This is why they place a heavy emphasis on Spotify Search Engine SEO. This is not a bot placement or a low-quality campaign, they actually follow a STRICT procedure so that you, the artist are getting the very best quality placements on Spotify.


Their YouTube promotion that is run through Google allows you can decide which country, even city, you wish to promote your video in. It’s all clever stuff!


They state on their website Although radio is the holy grail of breaking a record, it’s always great for radio stations to see YouTube video and Spotify momentum on a campaign. When they see an artist’s Youtube views flying up, or a great deal of Spotify activity it dramatically increases the chances of gaining their support and being playlisted.

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